Phx, Flag, and cabin info

AKA "What to pack"

To give you an idea of our beautiful summer weather:


12% humidity. *This is the high in the late afternoon*, should drop about 10 degrees by evening, and be 15-20 degrees less in the morning.


23% humidity. *This is the high in the late afternoon* Note the low at night is nearly 40 degrees lower than the high during the day. Bring warm jammies.

Jane please note: 0% precipitation.

About the cabin:

"Your rental is equipped with all kitchen appliances, dishes, glassware, silverware, pots and pans and other assorted cooking items. Condiments are not provided. You will also find paper towels, napkins, toilet tissue, dishwasher soap, liquid dish soap, hand and bath soap. Fresh linen has been placed on all beds, towels and wash rags in baths. We do not offer a daily housekeeping service. Midweek cleaning is available for an additional charge.

Additional charge items

*additional supplies issued

*late checkout/early checkin fees ($50.00 per hour)Check-out @ 11:00am prompt (10am during holidays)

*excessive unusual clean-up
Please be respectful of neighbors, the peace and quiet of the area and property you occupy. Quiet hours are between 10pm and 8am. Please respect the personal items in this home as this is our home when you are not here. Prior to checking out, we ask that you turn down the beds which were used. Clean or place all dirty dishes in the dishwasher and start, take all trash to the nearest outside trash can, wash/dry all used towels. Turn off all lights, ceiling fans and ac units, set heaters to 50 (do not turn off). Please do not use water on wood floors."

Check in is 3 pm on Thursday, June 17th, and check out is 11 am on Monday, June 21st.
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Moar stuff to do in Flagg!

Other stuff to do in Flagstaff

Grand Canyon jeep tours: anyone interested in Indian cave paintings? I so wanted to do this ten years ago when I visited, but didn't. It's something we can do the day we are up at the Grand Canyon, besides standing around the rim snapping photos.


And afterwards, the IMAX film, which I believe features a helicopter ride into the canyon:


There's also Montezuma's Castle National Monument (Indian cliff dwellings)


The Snowbowl Ski resort ski lift ride opened last Saturday:

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Gathering 2010 events

Now that we're within a month of the Gathering, it's time to think about stuff to do! I will of course be bringing the requisite BtVS/Angel DVDs, but there's a lot of interesting distractions outside the cabin walls as well.

Since people seem to be "gathering" on Thursday the 17th, I was thinking the first event we could have would just be dinner in Flagstaff at a little family-owned Mexican place I know, followed by a visit to Bookman's bookstore, just across the street, which has both new and used books, music, and DVDs. (http://www.bookmans.com/flagstaff)

Friday I would suggest a pilgrimage to the Grand Canyon, because I *know* it will be even more crowded there on the weekends.

Don't have many ideas for Saturday, except I personally wouldn't mind a visit to Lowell Observatory in the evening, which closes at 10 pm on Saturdays and isn't open on Sunday. (http://www.lowell.edu/)

And since at least one of our number has to take off Sunday, that seems an ideal day to relax and hang out with any local folks who want to drive in for a day.

Any other ideas? Reply here or email me at masqthephlsphr@yahoo.com

ETA: Oooh, the scenic ride at the ski lift north of town is open! That'd be an awesome activity for Saturday or Sunday....
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ATPo Gathering 2010

Hi guys, it's only a couple more weeks until I pay the second installment on the cabin in Flagstaff, so if you know you're coming, please let me know. I have to admit I'm getting a bit nervous about it. I can only get a refund on the cabin if I cancel it and someone else rents it for the dates I reserved it. I've had more than a few "probablies" and "maybes" and I would like to know who will be staying there, and also who is coming but won't be staying there. There should be beds for at least ten people.

I realize some of you are hesitant because of recent bad publicity for the state of AZ. All I can do is say, "but your buds will be there!" and "Grand Canyon!" and the fight is on against that law (which won't go into effect until after the Gathering), with one victory already in a change of wording to the law that was first passed.

Feel free to email me at masqthephlsphr@yahoo.com if you would like, or reply here.
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Transportation to the Gathering

For those contemplating coming to the Gathering this summer, I recommend flying into a Phoenix-area airport, rather than Flagstaff, since it is cheaper. There are two airports, Sky Harbor (the major one), and Williams Gateway (the regional one):



If it is possible to book a flight to Gateway, it's worth looking into, since it flies between regional airports that might be near you (e.g., best way to go see my brother in Iowa, since it has a direct flight to Cedar Rapids). However, the flights are still limited and you would not be able to get a flight in/out every day of the week.

Since Sky Harbor is the major airport, it has ground transportation available to Flagstaff

Arizona Shuttle
800-888-2749 / (520) 795-6771

And of course, I am willing to ferry folks if they are in town by Thursday 6/17 at noon. I do not have a big car, though, so hopefully, cactuswatcher can help out as well. I live within close driving distance to both Phx area airports, so that's not a problem.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!
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Cabin news!

Hi guys, we have a cabin for the Gathering:


I went ahead and booked it for 6/17-6/21. They rent by the night, so I opted not to rent overnight on the 16th, which means the cabin will be available for us on Thursday the 17th. Folks wanting to arrive earlier or leave later should have lots of hotel options available, including Casa Masq down in Tempe.

The nightly rental rate for the cabin is $350.00, which will be subdivided between all attendees for the nights they stay. I had to make a 50% holding payment today, which is now sitting on my credit card, so those who know they are coming for sure, I would appreciate a partial payment. I have to pay the remainder a month before the Meet (5/17), so let me know what you can afford to do upfront and what will have to wait (email me at masqthephlsphr@yahoo.com for detailed discussions).

I also need to give them a "guest list" of who is coming at least two weeks ahead of time, so let me know when you have finalized your plans.

The cabin is equipped with all kitchen appliances, dishes, glassware, silverware, pots and pans and other assorted cooking items. Paper towels, napkins, toilet tissue, dishwasher soap, liquid dish soap, hand and bath soap are also included. Fresh linen will be placed on all beds, towels and wash rags in baths.

They expect us to clean up after ourselves fully, but we are quite capable of that, if past experience is any indication.

Wee! This place should be cool.
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Quick question on Flagstaff Gathering accommodations

Hi gang! I am closing in on finding us a rental home/cabin/cottagey get-away for June. I need to make a decision quickly, as they are booking up fast. But here's the dilemma: I have to go to renters individually, so it's nearly impossible to find two or more places that are close to each other. So, since our group may be relatively small this year, I am opting to look at large homes that can provide a dozen or so adults each with their own bed (or cot or pull-out couch, etc). I have found some places that can provide that, plus all the extras: television and VCR, wifi, fully equipped kitchen, reasonable rental fee, etc.

However, due to the way the Flagstaff area is set up, there is a good chance the place will be several miles away from any restaurants or grocery stores. I don't think this is a big problem as long as we have cars and a little patience. We have gotten in the habit of buying plenty of groceries and cooking lots of meals in.

So what do folks think? Is this a problem? Is anyone willing to rent a car or go in with others to pay for a rental car together? I know cactuswatcher and I will both have our own there as well.
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Gathering '10 housing updatey

Hi gang,

I am still working on finding us some cozy cabin houses in the Flagstaff area. There is an embarrassment of riches out there, and I am finding it almost impossible to wade through the self-serve information to find one or more places that meet the criteria folks have been asking for. I have tried contacting Flagstaff area realtors to help me sort through it all, but they seem more interested in selling me a house than helping me find a short-term vacation rental. So now I am going to try travel agents. Just need to find one that has expertise in Flagstaff as a vacation destination.
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Gathering 2010

Okay, people, I'm calling it: 2010 ATPo Gathering in Flagstaff, AZ, June 19-20. I am assuming folks will start gathering for the Gathering around Thursday, June 17th, and take off on Monday the 21st.

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