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question about video equipment

When a local video store closed, I swooped down like a vulture scooped up some bargains. Not surprisingly, several of the films I bought were vampire movies. I have Innocent Blood & Shaun of the Dead on DVD; Vampyr, however, is on VHS. So are some non-vamp films that might be of interest, like MST 3000: The Movie, The Body Snatcher, & the rare Targets--Boris Karloff's last film & Peter Bogdanovich's 1st, it appears to have some meta aspects. So: will there be a VCR at the cabin? Anyone interested in seeing any of these movies? I know I'm asking at the last minute, but that's how it worked out. Most likely I'll bring the 1st 2 in any case.

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    Happy Birthday Buffy! 31 and still looking young ;)

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