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scrollgirl in atpobtvsats

ATPo Board Meet - Toronto 2007: June 15-18

Based on the poll to determine the date of the next Board Meet from, like, a long, long time ago, the Toronto dates will encompass June 15-18. Of course you're all free to come sooner and stay later. (Toronto needs your tourist dollars!) Or if you can't stay from Friday to Monday, come whenever, stay until whenever. We'll be glad to see you, even if it's just for one day!

Pride Week in Toronto is June 18-24, with the parade on the weekend after the Meet. San Francisco Pride is also the weekend of June 22-24, which is why we can't hold the Meet on that weekend.

So, reiterate:

Who: ATPo folk + significant others
What: Big Damn Board Meet 2007
When: June 15-18
Where: Toronto, Ontario
Why: To philosophise, gossip, watch DVDs, do tourist things, and enjoy one another's company :)

I am looking into hotels both downtown and by the airport. Hotels downtown are, of course, much more expensive. I'm also looking into public transit that would take us from hotels in the burbs to the downtown core. Feel free to express your opinion on the matter in the comments. I'll try to post a list of eligible hotels by next week.

*hugs to ladystarlightsj* Thank you for your patience! *clings*


*pets you and passes chocolates*


Thanks Scroll!

You can count on me to help however you need me to! Thanks so much for doing the coordinating/organizing, I know how much work it is!!

Good work. I must start saving some money.

Sounds great!
Thanks, Scroll! I'm marking it down on my busy busy social calendar!
Holiday Inn on King has a pool... My parents also liked the Prince at York Mills/Leslie (?), but that would require the bus which could be troublesome.

Drop me a line if you need help with anything.
I am not going to miss another meet!

It worked out very well in NY and Chicago, when we had transportation from the burbs to downtown. Going to Canada will be so much fun.
Thank you Scroll!

(And Yay!!)
I can hardly wait!
Thanks, Scroll, for doing this. You're gonna look so cute in that tiara!
I'd like to pre-emptively vote for a hotel with a balcony, plz?

My attendance is somewhat in question at this point, since I'm hoping to go to Vienna for my brother's wedding in April! So a sufficient financial recovery for another trip in June is no sure thing. I'd hate to miss it, but it may be like this year, w/the not knowing for sure till the week before. I guess that's a vote for one of the less expensive hotels, then.

Thanks for all your work, Scroll--so far, so good!

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