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Faith picspam in my journal!

Hey guys! Wow, it's been ages since I last posted in this comm. (Heck, it's been ages since anyone's posted anything Buffyverse-related on the comm!)

But I wanted to share with you a bit of Buffy and Angel nostalgia: as part of my 30 Days of Female Characters meme, I've picspammed our favourite bad girl Slayer, Faith. You can check out all 72 pics in my Dreamwidth post.

Spoilers for Faith-related episodes!

question about video equipment

When a local video store closed, I swooped down like a vulture scooped up some bargains. Not surprisingly, several of the films I bought were vampire movies. I have Innocent Blood & Shaun of the Dead on DVD; Vampyr, however, is on VHS. So are some non-vamp films that might be of interest, like MST 3000: The Movie, The Body Snatcher, & the rare Targets--Boris Karloff's last film & Peter Bogdanovich's 1st, it appears to have some meta aspects. So: will there be a VCR at the cabin? Anyone interested in seeing any of these movies? I know I'm asking at the last minute, but that's how it worked out. Most likely I'll bring the 1st 2 in any case.

Time flies when you're having fun

Ten years ago today, there was a heat wave in San Francisco. 103 degrees when I went for a stroll through the Haight district during my lunch break (this is a city that sends out "heat advisories" for 79 degrees). I'd been toying with an idea that was being pushed by several email correspondents who were readers of my website, All Things Philosophical on BtVS and AtS. They wanted to meet each other to discuss the show at deeper levels than could be found on other discussion boards they frequented.

So I did the research and set up one of those canned forums and the folks that came to hang there did the rest.

It's been quite a ride. Thanks for making it fabulous, guys! Looking forward to this weekend.
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