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dlgood in atpobtvsats

Tap.. Tap.. this thing on?

Just for the heck of it. Anyone still looking at this group.

Impetus for 2012 Summer Gathering?


Tempting, very tempting! I'd be up for it, if I could swing it financially.
Anyone else?
This is exactly my answer.
Mine too...& it's more of an "if" than usual.
I am trying to figure out why your post isn't appearing on my friends page yet. I am watching this comm and don't have it filtered.

Anyway, I might be able to swing a couple days somewhere if I know in sufficient advance that it's happening.
Odd. Obiously, Jane saw it...
I didn't notice--you posted this yesterday, not today. I must have not scrolled back far enough, lol.
I would love to, if I can.

For me, as always, depends on when and where. Can't make it around July 4, and the first half of August is out, too.

Come to Charleston in May, before it gets hot? i know that doesn't work well for most people, though.
LOL, we've been to Vancouver twice in the ten-year span we've been Gathering.

Closest we've been to the South is D.C.
If you're coming to Vancouver, we should get together!
We can always do that!
I would really like to. I haven't seen y'all in ages and ages.
Depending on when and if finances can so swing (yay to not buying a house this year), yes.
But since the south is close to nobody but me, another thought is west, where I'll be for a wedding on Aug. 10. Any possibilities of an early August or late July somewhere out there?


What would this gathering be for? It seems like this has died.
Remember where you are - things are NEVER as they appear!

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