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Time flies when you're having fun

Ten years ago today, there was a heat wave in San Francisco. 103 degrees when I went for a stroll through the Haight district during my lunch break (this is a city that sends out "heat advisories" for 79 degrees). I'd been toying with an idea that was being pushed by several email correspondents who were readers of my website, All Things Philosophical on BtVS and AtS. They wanted to meet each other to discuss the show at deeper levels than could be found on other discussion boards they frequented.

So I did the research and set up one of those canned forums and the folks that came to hang there did the rest.

It's been quite a ride. Thanks for making it fabulous, guys! Looking forward to this weekend.


Thank you for making that happen--what a great idea it was! Sorry I can't be there for the celebration.
But they're'll be streamers...and songs... and possibly a demon built out of boxed body parts!

We'll miss you....
There must be pictures if there's a demon...or even if not.
Oooh! I need to put my camera on my packing list. Thanks for the reminder.....
there was a heat wave in San Francisco. 103 degrees when I went for a stroll...

If the first posters had only known you were temporarily out of your mind from the heat and humidity... ;o)

Happy anniversary and thank *you*!
Actually, in the long version of this tale, I always blame the heat for the original creation of the board.

; D
I visit the board sometimes, but not much is happening :(
Well, we all moved here to Live Journal, and personal friendships with each other as opposed to board-mediated friendships. But you can friend us here on LJ.

And there's great discussion of the shows going on here:

10 years? Ten years??

Oi. Tempus Buffit.

And Thanks!
Well, look at it this way--we haven't known most of our ATPo friends nearly that long.

; D
Wow, ten years. A whole decade!
You did good.
My life would be a lot less fun without you and all the other great ATPo-ers in it.
Can't wait to see everyone!

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